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An Easy 3 Day Detox

An Easy 3 Day Detox

Detoxification is a great way to cleanse and purify your body not to mention the fact that it can help shed those unwanted pounds. A detoxed body is the key to healthy life. Detoxification plans are quickly becoming quite popular due to their proven health benefits. Some doctors and dietitians are even beginning to instruct their patients to undergo some type of detoxification. A 3 day detox diet is a really simple way to get started. It doesn’t require you to do anything extreme and it only lasts for 3 days. After seeing the benefits of a 3 day detox cleanse, you may really want to try one that lasts longer. (Keep reading to the very end of the article for information on a more extreme detox program.)

Here is how the 3 day detox program works:

On Day 1

The aim for the first day diet is to clear the system.

Consume large quantities of water and fresh fruit juice. This will help to flush your system out. Eliminate the intake of coffee, tea or soda – especially soda. You want to avoid caffeine and any unnatural chemicals. Eat at least 2 to 3 portions of fruit for breakfast, follow it with a light lunch (veggies and salad) and complete your day with a baked (low cal) fish for dinner.

On Day 2

Again stress on drinking lots of water or fresh fruit juice. Carrot juice, beet juice or pomegranate juice are great choices. The routine is very similar to the first day. For lunch eat a salad green leafy vegetables and sprouts. Add a clove of fresh garlic to your salad. Avoid preservative-loaded salad dressings and go for raw vinegar or olive oil. For dinner, eat steamed, low-fat fish with a cup of whole-grain rice. Before bed, drink a cup of chamomile tea.

On Day 3

Since this is the last day of your three day detox diet, focus on drinking as much water as you can and when you feel hungry, eat raw fruits and vegetables only. Stay away from any cooked food on this last day.

Following this stringent yet healthy diet program for 3 days can be immensely beneficial for your body. It will help to flush out all of the junk we consume on a day-to-day basis. Using organic foods is best during any such 3 day detox diet as it will reduce your intake of processed food items (that contain a lot of the stuff we’re trying to flush out). Studies reveal that this short diet program has helped million in revamping their eating habits and many have even been able to shed 3 to 4 pounds just by following this simple program.

If you plan to follow this 3 day natural detox program the following tips will be helpful:

  • Remember to eat and drink in intervals.
  • This isn’t a starvation diet. You need to eat. In fact, the foods I’ve listed above aid in the detox process.
    Intake of fruits and vegetables wi
    ll increase the fiber, oxygen and blood circulation in your body and will ultimately help in a better metabolism.
    Toxins can be flushed out by drinking liquids but do not rely on carbonated drinks and caffeine loaded products as they will not help you detoxify and instead make you feel bloated.
  • Stay away from sugar and sugar based products such as cookies and desserts.
    If you are new to detoxification programs, start with the 3 day program outlined above. Do not over strain your body or starve your system. If a 3-day detox goes well for you, then you can try something longer.
  • Detox cleansing diets are an excellent way to purify the body and flush out any harmful toxins. However, in the long run it is far better to adjust your entire life so that you are always eating healthy foods. You need to couple the right diet with an exercise program and ample water intake to achieve a perfectly balanced and healthy system. A healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet coupled with an occasional detox program will do wonders to you.

Warning This Next Step Is Only For Those Who Really Want To Take it To The Next Level

I have come across a fantastic detox program called the Master Cleanse. This is seriously the best full-blown detox program I’ve tried and it only takes 10 days! It is designed to restore your body to its normal, healthy state. It’s total body rejuvenation in less than two weeks.


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